Live at the Riverwalk Center, Breckenridge, CO. 2018.

Live at the Riverwalk Center, Breckenridge, CO. 2018.

Since 2008, HOLLYWOOD FARMERS have been traveling the world and mesmerizing audiences with their raucous performances and irreverent humour. FARMERS’ can be found performing 2.5 hour sets comprised of a truly unique brand of original rock n roll, blended with eclectic influences. Their reputation for keeping the party going and making the people dance helped them to win the 2018 Tricounty Battle of the Bands.

Despite having already developed a significant backlog of recordings over the years, HOLLYWOOD FARMERS released their much-anticipated debut album in January of 2019. In March, they were featured in a showcase at the famous SXSW music festival in Austin, TX.

After taking the summer to write new material and pursue other musical interests, the FARMERS are coming back strong this fall with a new EP and a tour in the works for Spring 2020.

Stay tuned on how to be a part of the madness!

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